Born 1987

Lives and works in Aarhus

With a poetic refection on the illuminated; I compose chemical processes with different elements of light. Sometimes, self made flashes, minor fixed light constructions in the darkroom, natural lightning, fire and the moonlight. My chemical processes are a disciplined and focused process of the recreation of one of many treatise written by the alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan (721 – 815) known as Geber, “The father of chemistry”.

My methods are inspired by his vast list of processes investigating and exposing the principles of the subject; composing light and illuminating. Another of my artistic techniques is based upon creating visual interferences, with my photographic method, I am merely like the alchemist - I am more focussed on the transformation rather the translation of the object.
I paint with light and I create a free passage between the act of painting and the photograph.


Currently a student at Jutland Art Academy.

Bergen Academy of Fine Arts 2013-2016
Jutland Art Academy 2014- 2015
Fotografisk Skole, Aarhus 2011- 2013


2017. STORMCopenhagen, Stolen Moments Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2017. HELDEMAN/MESAYER, The Mayor Projects, Aarhus Denmark.
2016. An Echo of The Illuminated, Gallery 6th Floor, Bergen, Norway
2015. #II, Kvit Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015. THREE INTERACTIONS, Gallery ROM 8 , Bergen, Norway
2014. Mørke Dage Festival, Byens rum, Aalborg, Denmark


2016. An Echo Of The Illuminated, Gallery 6th Floor, Bergen, Norway.